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Wrap It Up @mervmcq

This coming Valentines Day, you might be thinking to get your significant other a loving gift. I urge all you, young lovers not to forget to “wrap it up”, no, not like that. I hope you get some of that too, but I was thinking a different type of wrapper. In the world of cannabis there are numerous types of rolling papers gracing the market. I will be mentioning a few cult classics and some new names that may tickle your fancy this Valentines and spark some “romance”.


1.Zig Zag: Mr. Lovah Lovah

The tried and true OG rolling paper. I recall stealing single sheets from my Uncle when I was experimenting with cannabis as a teenager. I think everyone is familiar with the infamous white packaging; for the classic lover.


2.Backwoods: Tempted to touch

Another famous player, when I think of a “wood”, I think of a gentle experience, you must be well versed in rolling one or the fragile tobacco will “leaf” you lonely. It takes a certain touch and gusto to master the delicate blackwood.

  1. Raw: Measuring up

I think you already know why I mentioned this one, save the chuckles, be safe kids!

  1. High Hemp: Sultry CBD

These are a blunt wrapper that I have seen popping up more recently and have heard nothing but rave reviews, Mango being a fan favorite. This hemp blunt does not hide or hinder the aromatics of the faithful cannabis but rather accentuates the many natural flavors.

  1. Century Sam: Old faithful

Often underrated but a Century Sam blunt is a thing a beauty, it knows exactly what it is doing and never fails to hit the mark.

  1. Shine: Love don’t cost a thing

These edible grade 24K gold leaf wraps will bring a bit of excitement to any rendezvous, “oh this!? Only the best for my smoking buddy”.

That is my list of my favorite ways to wrap it up this Valentines Day, I know this list is not nearly complete, which ones did I miss that you think should be on my list?

Merveth McHugh

Editor in Chief @ThePotent.ca

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