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OG Skywalker Review @masterfulmuhammad

Loud alert ! OG Skywalker is now one of my new favourite strains. I rarely use the term quads, in fact I never say “Quads” because I’ve yet to hear the word defined in a manner in which I overstand but if I were to classify the term myself I’d say “Quads” are what happens when great genetics meets great farmers.

This flower right here, makes special things happen. As far as cannabis hybrids go OG Skywalker’s Sativa properties complements its Indica properties masterfully. With heavy hitting frontal lobe waves OG Skywalker makes mediating a blast. I’m not sure what the CBD rating is on this strain but after first wave of THC bliss washes over you, a body high from the heavens which inspires my inner yogi to reactivate my core and extend my breathe.

Just a heads up this strain is not for beginners, I repeat not for beginners if you don’t enjoy cannabis regularly I wouldn’t suggest this strain.  Biting off more than you can chew, could easily lead to a uncomfortable experience.

Whoever if you’re an experienced an experienced herbalist, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the waves from Skywalker OG.

I enjoyed this flower so much i decided to use the last of my nine strain hash…

bowi when i tell you it was nice, trust me.

anyway tune in next time and we’ll reflect on the new waves.



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