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Rick Simpson Oil @masterfulmuhammad

Soooo I’m of the belief a third of the world is pending fundamental change now that the most powerful natural medicine is prime for global legalization .

There’s at least fifty multinational corporations throwing billions of dollars at their chance to win trillions in the green rush.

Meanwhile there’s this brother in Nova Scotia giving away one of the most concentrated by products of the cannabis herb for free. About twenty years ago Rick Simpson started his personal journey of healing and now his world renowned for curing various cancers and other ailments. If you’ve never heard of Rick Simpson I highly suggested reading Who Is Rick Simpson and What Is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)? | Leafly https://www.leafly.com › cannabis-101

His story is as Canadian as it gets… While the economic community is chomping at the bit trying to get there hands on industrial cannabis profits there’s some guy spending his own resources to save as many people as he can eh. The more I read up on his story is the more I realized how much the healers of the Western Hemisphere must have been struggling with the probation of cannabis.

Rick Simpson Oil is an oil reduced from large amounts of cannabis flowers. Long story short I got my hands on some and let me tell you… it’s great stuff! Kinda of rare because of the cost associated with its production.

Speaking of production… would you like to make your own, sure you do.

Below is an over simplified version of the magic it takes to make the world best medicine.


Step 1: Get your hands on some cannabis in flower “buds”, Pure alcohol/ a high concrete alcohol compound and a bucket.

Step 2: Put everything in the bucket and mash it up good. This step works best if you break down the cannabis flowers before adding the alcohol solution.

Step 3: Start reducing your solution, periodically adding water to help boil off the remaining alcohol.

Step 4: Continue to reduce your Rick Simpson Oil until it reaches your desired consistency.

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