NOIR – Poem @director_ro

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NOIR – Poem @director_ro

The second month of the year is what we were given

The shortest month of the year to express our conflictions

We battle day in and out for our voices to be heard

Sharing our stories begging them to hear our words

We unite together from time to time

Misunderstood, they define us with crime

The youth are the future 

They are who we nurtured

The innocent walking on thread

They suspect and just want us dead


But who are we to judge 

We hurt the brothers we should love

Turning against each other

Paranoid and looking over our shoulders

Why not stand and hold up one another

Involve ourselves with business ventures

Don’t fear what we think is a white man’s treasure

The skin that we’re in holds plenty of weight

The skin that we’re in was once beaten as slaves

The strength we maintain is beyond belief 

The success we will gain can bring us relief


But how can we survive

If all we do is cry

As we watch our brothers 

Suffer behind these bloody eyes

Smoke rises to the sky

We hear our mothers sigh 

Hoping one day this is a dream 

Maybe even a lie

The pain in their eyes

Let’s bury the headlines

Reach for the gold mine

No more black on black crime 

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