New Years @mervmcq

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New Years @mervmcq

The ball has dropped, and the confetti has been swept away. In general, many are getting their “resolutions” together. Personally, I have skipped over this tradition because on average, resolutions only hang on for about six days, not long enough to become a thing of habit. Of course, it would be lovely to wake up January 1st and become this brand-new person but that strike of midnight holds little to no magic. Instead of writing out a list and checking it twice, like a grown-up version of a Christmas list, I chose one good habit to master.

For the year of our lord Twenty-Nineteen, I have chosen to simply schedule my time, because it will not make or break me if I happen to miss a day. On any given day, being aware of your time, whether jotting down in a planner, setting alarms, or keeping a mental schedule, it will bring order to an otherwise chaotic world.

This year, we hope that you work on living your most successful life and schedule some time with us.

Merveth McHugh

Editor and Chief

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