Marijuana Comes From… @director_ro

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Marijuana Comes from… @director_ro

Marijuana comes from the Cannabis plant that is used for both medical or recreational purposes.  It affects the mind producing vivid visions yet heals the body; most commonly known for pain control, acts as an anti-inflammatory, even reducing seizures in epileptic children.  The misconception of marijuana is very common.

Cannabis users understand and feel the benefits of this plant yet marijuana is continuously frowned upon by a large percentage of the Toronto community.  Now that cannabis has been legalized in Canada it raises concerns for addiction, mental illness, and brain development.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of marijuana through the perspective of a person with a condition commonly found in African Americans and Hispanics known as Sickle Cell Disease.  Sickle Cell Disease is a condition that effects the hemoglobin in the human body.  The red blood cells are distorted into crescent or sickle shapes causing them to interlock while passing through the joints.  Insufficient amount of oxygen is transported which then builds up blockage in the joints causing intense episodes of joint pains throughout the body.  Alternate side effects from the obstruct of blood flow is chronic inflammation.  The damaged tissues become exposed to cytokines that cause the inflammation to occur.  This leads to the development of serious complications such as kidney damage, liver complications and damage to the spleen.

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So how does the cannabis plant effect those living with the disease?

It acts as a medicine to reduce the pain in the joints.  Usually when experiencing what is called the “crisis attack” which is when sickle cell patients are unable to physically move or function normally due to the intense joint pain; doctors prescribe synthetic medications such as morphine. Morphine is a strong pain medication that acts on the nervous system to numb the feeling of pain, also causing long term damage to organs in the body such as the stomach and liver.  Medical marijuana offers various natural strains to help treat inflammation and block neural pain receptors.  As a chronic pain treatment, cannabis reduces the signals that control immune and inflammatory response as well as reducing the cytokine production and balancing brain and body receptors.  During the process, medical marijuana treats the pain allowing patients to feel some relief.  Specific strains including CBDs and tinctures are effective to help eliminate the joint pain ‘sicklers’ experience.  CBD is a molecule found in the cannabis plant that is not psychoactive. CBD doesn’t produce the high that many associate marijuana with. Tincture is a potent liquid delivering the effects of the CBD molecules removing the process of consumption through smoking.

Although many perceive marijuana negatively and the conclusions to their reasonings are controversial, this could be due to the improper use and lack of knowledge in relation to the plant. There are natural alternatives in different strands of cannabis influencing each individual differently.  The natural state of medical marijuana is beneficial if properly researched and explored, without improper use.


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