Is IT Medicine? @masterfulmuhammad

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Is IT Medicine? @masterfulmuhammad

No seriously, I’m asking… is it medicine or not. Of course THE IT, I’m referring to is Cannabis or “marijuana” as it’s most commonly known. Just a few months ago recreational cannabis usage was made legal in Canada, supposedly ending a ridiculously over blown anti all that is good campaign against the plant and its users.

Fast forward a few months and it seems like the way the mainstream media reports on “Pot” is like it’s still an illegal drug. Every time I hear cannabis referred to as “pot” I cringe. I mean what sense does it make to publish all the medical reports and decades old case studies if the major news outlets can still get away with using ignorant slang to discredit the herb and its users.

It’s discrimination damn it.

For centuries if not millennium, humans and neanderthal alike have been using herbal plants to ease the hardships of life. So why all of sudden was cannabis made the target of criminalization in the first place? The answer to that question is also the answer to why the mainstream media still talks about this naturally occurring phenomenon like they don’t understand how beneficial.

Prescription drugs are killing kids at an alarming rate, yet every day we’re still being bombarded with a disproportionate amount of villainization of plant that just so happens cure and or relieve over three hundred common aliments. I know sometimes it takes awhile for social conscious to upgrade, especially among the older members of our community. Which isn’t an impossible road block, we have to do is take it upon ourselves to do a better job of educating those with negative or misconceived notions …

… about Cannabis.

Be Well

PS. And another thing… How on earth is it legal for towns and or communities to stop medical marijuana dispensaries from providing their services to regions within a Country that supposed made the herb legal?!

Is IT medicine or not?

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