Goodbyes & Hellos @courtney.swc

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Goodbyes & Hellos @courtney.swc

I find that it’s either you love this time of year or loath it. Time off work, time with family, overspending and for sure overeating. You sit and think about how the year went, what you wish would’ve happen and start planning for the New Year.

Resolutions are always a good time for me. It’s basically back to the drawing board. I continue to do the things that reaped success and ATTEMPT to alter the things or habits that didn’t. 2018 overall was good to me. I grew a lot and I learned a lot.

I tried something new for this year’s resolutions planning: I had a vision board ladies night. My girlfriends and I got together with food, music, wine, sweet Mary Jane and everything to make vision boards. Usually you make all these almost out of reach goals for yourself, it lasts, if your lucky one month and that’s it. This year I tried to just think of every aspect of my life, think of what the next step was and put it on my vision board. Nothing too crazy, just a reminder that with focus and planning my goals are attainable.

Since I have started to share my ganja journey with you guys in last month’s article it’s only fitting to share that aspect of my resolutions. I smoke cigarettes. I know, gross right. It is honestly hard to quit, it’s not like haven’t tried over and over again. Between the nicotine being extremely addictive, I have just fallen in love with the actual action of smoking. So one of my resolutions is just to transition from cigarettes to weed. If we’re being real with one another it isn’t going that well thus far! At two weeks into the new year I’m still pretty positive that I will be able to make the change slowly but surely.

Whether or not resolutions are something you do or not, it’s doesn’t hurt to sit down and see what is currently working and what is not. Growth is always important and not to mention a confidence booster!

So cheers to the new year and I hope 2019 is “your” year.

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