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Ganja & I @courtney.swc

Mrs. Mary Jane, it’s always been different with you. In the past I’ve mostly avoided you, constantly afraid that you’d have more power than I. Too busy listening to the opinions of others , mostly negative ones might I add. It’s only been recently that I’ve decided to have an open mind to try and see what you’re all about.

With cannabis being legal it’s been such a rollercoaster, watching the pros and cons being presented by both sides. For me, my opinion has never changed. Let me start off by saying that I have never been a “Smoker”. Meaning I don’t smoke at home alone, but I will indulge in a puff-puff-pass circle when it’s a social occasion.

Not that it has become mainstream-ish, I feel there is so much more information available. I’m now learning that different strains affect you in different ways. The stereotype of always being slow, sleepy and getting plagued with the munchies is a thing of the past. There are hundreds of strains that simply make you happy, strains that make you focus on one task at a time (perfect for procrastinators), as well as strains that are incredible for pain.

I won’t say that I was ever against weed, but I did always think that if I had plans for the day/night it was probably better to just skip smoking for the simple fact that I did not want to sleep the whole day away. Now that information is becoming increasing accessible & dispensaries will be popping up all over the city with knowledgeable employees your’re bound to find the right strain for you.

I say consider yourself lucky, in my early teens when I was first trying it out, it was all a guessing game. I mean the weed had names but as to how it would affect you was all a game of chance. I felt that I was always getting the weed that either made me sleep until the next day, giggle or eat everything in the house. Those always seemed to be the only options. Mind you the most adventurous and delicious food is occasionally invented under the influence, but we’ll save that for another article.

For now I’m just enjoying the cannabis journey I am embarking on.

  • Keeping my mind and eyes open for new strains as well as edibles.
  • Figuring out whether I’ll prefer joints, bong hits or blunts.
  • Surfing the internet to find all that cannabis is beneficial for.
  • Pretty much just trying to see if Mary Jane and I are going to be best friends or just acquaintances.

Hopefully you’ll stay tuned.

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