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Dance & Cannabis @majesticbabydoll

Dance and Cannabis have always been intertwined, in propaganda and reality. One can even
go back to the times of early Jazz and Blues. The stigma surrounding Artisans and Cannabis
has regularly been seen through the lens criminalization. This stigma still exists,
post-legalisation, and it affects spread way past the arts in the realm of professionalism. I’d like
to take this opportunity to “break the ice” regarding the topics of dance, cannabis, and

As a student of dance and an avid stoner, I felt it was wise to approach a mentor who also
resonates with movement arts and Cannabis. I have had the wonderful experience of
exchanging in battles with Lyrykz, and witnessing her legacy as it grows. Lyrykz was open and
enthusiastic about this interview and I can’t wait to share her views on Dance and Cannabis.

What kind of Cannabis do you like the most? Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica?

I usually smoke Sativas /Hybrids throughout the day if I’m planning on being productive, but I
always got my indica at home for when my body needs to find stillness.

What culture of dance do you like the most?

HipHop Culture because it contains a plethora of elements that were given birth in the streets by
the black communities who found purpose in the exchange of raw powerful expression.
Elements such as HipHop Freestyle Dance – spoken word – Graffiti – DJing – Rap – HipHop Gear
etc are now seen all over the world.

Hip Hop as a culture has not only impacted the arts but has/will continue to be a movement that
influences our lifestyles and gives a voice to oppressed people everywhere.

What is your favourite strain of Cannabis?

Which ever one I’m smoking. Hahah I’m not opposed to trying new things as I always try to
explore the different flavours of the herb that mother earth has put at our disposal but, I can’t lie
the classics such as, Blue Dream – PP(Pure Power Plant) – Girl Scout Cookie – Sour Diesel are
some of my favourites.

What is your favourite dance style? It can be a fusion.
Although I enjoy watching more classical performances from time to time, my favourite would
have to be any and all styles within Street Dance Culture. So much Funk Soûl it’s hard to stick
to just one.

What are your sentiments on Cannabis legalisation?

I find it interesting because this “Legalisation” has brought, in my opinion, more awareness to
who the Cannabis users are but does not exactly give a sense of freedom or acceptance.
Shutting down dispensaries and making it such a virtual/governmental experience takes away
from the experience itself. To me it is not like smoking a cigarette or taking pharmaceuticals
haha but rather a more spiritual journey. It’s unfortunate to know that we can still be penalised
just for having a healing plant on us. I feel like Cannabis isn’t that big of an issue yet the
government spends so much time trying to control it and in consequence control us. If I have a
bunch of Peppermint on me there’s no issue, so why so much stigma around Cannabis when it
has so many benefits.

How does Cannabis benefit you as a dancer and otherwise?
As a freelance creative, I do not always have the time nor the money for constant physical care.
Cannabis helps me relieve pain as well as allows my body to rest after constantly being on the
go. Cannabis helps tremendously with my indigestion and period cramps because it relaxes
muscles. Now, when it comes to freeing your mind and being in tune with one’s self, Cannabis
allows me to exit my thoughts and enter my Soûl if you will, which allows me to sink my body
into a whole other universe of movement.

What stigma, if any, do Cannabis consumers in the dance/arts/entertainment industry
experience? From your perspective.

That we are lazy or unable to focus, but not everything is for everyone and I happen to be more
focused/productive when I’m elevated. To a point where unless I mention it or smell loud AF
many wouldn’t realise I’m high 98% of the time haha.

You don’t have to disclose names; Does anyone around you significantly benefit from
Cannabis consumption?

A large number of athletes with joint/muscle pains or creative beings surrounding me benefit
from Cannabis.Even a few elders in my family who just like to kick back and read a good book
unbothered. Fun fact : My Girlfriend doesn’t smoke at all but will take CBD oils for pain relief.

What are your views on expungement? Which includes:
“Indicates that the government is acknowledging that it was wrong to criminalise behaviour in
the first place”
“Cannot be revoked through legislation by a subsequent government”
“Cannot be revoked by the Parole Board”
“Federal records of the conviction are destroyed or removed”
“Cannot be accidentally disclosed because they are destroyed”
This would affect anyone with a record or individual charges of possession under 30 grams of
dried Cannabis or the equivalent in concentrates/edibles/etc..

Criminality of Cannabis in the first place was buffoonery.

The thought of putting someone away simply for possessing leafs that do not bring harm to you or those who choose to consume it, is an abuse of power. It is and should remain a personal choice. No one questions your well being or is trying to lock you up if you purchase 30 bottles of Advil and decide to give a few to some friends in need of relief, so why can't you self medicate with the amount of Cannabis that you see fit.

Deaths in 2017 in the U.S attributed to

drug overdose :
" In 2017, there were 70,237 drug overdose deaths
in the United States. "

Can you guess how many Cannabis Overdoses?

Now that it has been legalised, all records should be expunged and the discrimination against
Cannabis users should be brought to an end.

How do you see Cannabis and dance/arts/entertainment intertwining?

When all personal choices are done with pure intentions, meaning your artistry and your
consumption, combining industries can only have marvellous results. Cannabis is a reminder
that mother earth has provided us with everything that we need and what has not been provided
for us, we hold the knowledge to create. Art speaks and I feel Cannabis will inspire us to speak
louder, yet more peacefully.
– Lyrykz

I usually have more to say but, Lyrykz took the words out of my mind. Artisans who consume
Cannabis need to learn their Cannabis Laws and make a stand for their right to consume and
discuss Cannabis the same way one would “going for a pint”. For more Dance and Cannabis
news and awareness, you can find me on Instagram @majesticbabydoll

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