Casey Jones – Review @courtney.swc

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Casey Jones – Review @courtney.swc

Love Jones

Its finally here, the month where people’s “Love” is put on display. For all the lovers that buy flowers, chocolates and flood our social media timelines with “who’s more in love “ photos and captions.

It’s February and February 14th is the day that we all love! Right? I mean who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day? Planning something special for your significant other or just enjoying their company. But what about everyone else that’s isn’t in a relationship or the ones who don’t really care to celebrate? I say this year we celebrate Valentine’s Day for ourselves!

When’s the last time you took time out for yourself? Just spend time alone did something relaxing. Grabbed a book and ran a bubble bath, went a saw a movie alone or visited a dispensary and got a feel good strain of Mary Jane? 2019 should be the year of loving yourself.

I have recently tried a new strains that I think would be good for the upcoming “love month”. Casey Jones & I strongly believe should be able to do the trick…. for all my sativa lovers that is.

Casey Jones is a sativa strain that I tried for the first time this year. Even though I’m just getting my feet wet so to speak in the vast world of cannabis, Casey Jones has gotten itself on the top of my “feel good” list. It’s helped me tap into a more creative side that I didn’t know I had, which of course helps with my monthly articles! This high for me has made me think about myself, my current direction in life, my overall happiness and things I want to change. I’ve also noticed with this strain is how it’s affects my stress levels. No stress at all, without the feeling of being zoned out or sleepy. Super plus for me, other weeds usually leave me feeling somewhat drained and stuck to the couch.

Take this month to explore new strains, some time out just to spend by yourself and remember that this love month isn’t just for people in relationships. It’s about love period and self love beats all!

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