Can I Vent? @director_ro

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Can I Vent? @director_ro

It’s become the norm too many to take a deep breath in and exhale all our problems.

We tend to feel like marijuana can be a gateway from our reality. Its like walking on cloud nine, a way to feel free. Truth is, we built a mentality of cannabis being our “medicine.” Every inhale follows an exhale of relief. The relief of stress, pain, even bottled in emotions. Its been referenced as one’s daily medicine. The “wake and bake” or the “meds before bed.” Without it, many feel incapable of concentrating. It’s the drug that gives one confidence, focus, and the ability to pursue their goals. Anyone can accomplish anything they please. As we live in 2019, day by day the creative juices start to flow, the work ethics; the hunger for success motivates one another.

Now that marijuana is legalized in Canada, what does the New Year bring? More creative individuals perhaps?

2019 is the year of the pig according to Chinese Astrology. A year where investments need to take place, a year where money must be made. What’s even better is this new year for Canadian citizens; creators can smoke, get high freely and commit in one’s creative space.

As a Creative Content Developer, success is what I chase. In order to achieve the success, I desire I must be a Doer not a Dreamer. To kick start this journey, roll a joint, take a pull, ease the pain and relax the mind. Remove all the clutter from the brain and just be free. Walk on the clouds and create. Combine intellectual skills with the creativity that marijuana produces.

As I brought the year to a close, I did a lot of self reflecting. I took note that I’m eager for success but there’s still plenty of room for growth. To expand my knowledge and to dive deep into my artistry is what I continuously do to perfect my craft. Being my toughest critic but also allowing myself to make mistakes and become conscious of my flaws. Nobody’s perfect, as for my craft, there’s plenty of work to do. Allowing myself to be okay with where I’m at during the process, even though it’s not where I intended to be.

How I perceive success is not through financial security or approval by others. It’s pushing myself to my limits, remaining hungry for the goals I set for myself, striving to be the best individual I can be and leaving a legacy behind to inspire and motivate others. 2019, I want my name to be remembered‚Ķ


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