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Bong Life @x_lindsay_x

When I started smoking marijuana, it was a little over 10 years ago. I was in the 11th grade at the time; usually my friends and I would meet up during and after school to have our daily smoking sessions.

Over the years I began to explore and try various ways of consuming marijuana. From joints, blunts, bongs, pipes and edibles. I was told that each way was unique in how I would be affected. So I started my long but enjoyable “experiment”.

Joints were the first method we started with. Which seemed fine in the beginning, I believe it had more to do with just the excitement of smoking because it didn’t take that long for me to find issues with it. First off, I found that joints would always leave resin on my lips. Secondly, I would often end up with weed in my mouth. Which if you’ve had this happen you know it isn’t pleasant. It was time to move on.

So naturally next we moved onto blunts, but that didn’t last too long either. Blunts I found to be extremely harsh on my throat, so I knew this wasn’t going to work. I felt the harshness I experienced from smoking blunts ruined my all around smoking session. So it was back to the drawing board for me.

I was lucky enough to have friends that baked, and they had made some edibles brownies. Naturally I tried one, who in they’re right mind turns down brownies. You’re always told to take the smallest imaginable piece. You wait and wait, but feel nothing. So of course after about 30 minutes I took another bite, thinking I was some ganja specialist. BIG MISTAKE, the effects hit me like a ton of bricks. This intense body buzz took over my body. I wasn’t a huge fan of feeling like I was stuck to the couch, as if all my limps weighted a ton. Once again I found myself on myself back on the search for what I would consider my perfect way to enjoy cannabis.

Finally during a soirée I was hosting, one of my friends brought their bongs over. I watched at how simply the whole set up was. No tearing your rolling papers or blunts. No messy kitchens from baking which meant no clean up. It’s as simple as filling your bong with the appropriate amount of water and packing your bowl with your desired strain of marijuana.

At last, all the issues I had with the other methods of consuming my weed were not longer a problem. The bong was it; it quickly became my favorite method of smoking. I found it to be an instant head rush and was much smoother on my throat which meant that I could enjoy smoking without having to worry about the feeling of a sore throat or resin on my lips. Smoking out of a bong was a much more suitable alternative for me because of the fact that it was so much cleaner, smoother and quicker to both feel the high and also to prepare the cannabis to be smoked.

Although I find it easier for the most part, there is some maintenance that has to be done to make sure you’re always getting the cleanest experience.  It is important to change your water daily as you don’t want to expose yourself to any bacteria or mold from dirty bong water not to mention bong water smells HORRIBLE! . This is the reason I prefer medium size glass bongs because they are much easier to clean as oppose to the ones with a longer shaft while still remaining to be just as effective. If you’re going it smoke clean why not smoke the cleanest way possible? Filling the bong with fresh bottled water, cleaning it out thoroughly makes for the freshest and cleanest way to smoke possible while getting the most out if your cannabis.

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