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Bong Care @x_lindsay_x

There are many ways to smoke weed from vaporizers, blunts, spliffs, pipes and my personal favorite the bong. This article is going to highlight the importance of bong care.

If you have ever seen a bong or used one you know that it requires water, the water is so that you can pull the bowl through. This gives that smooth feeling as opposed to a harsh one, which you can experience with a pipe. Personally I enjoy cleaning my bong daily it allows for a more pleasant taste and does not affect the weeds potency.

Many bong users the simple method of cleaning the bong is to rinse out bong with water. However that can still leave residue and bacteria in the bong. Within my first year of smoking I noticed the tar build up on the bong and discoloring of the white glass. I had stumbled across Orange Chronic at a nearby convenience  store. Orange Chronic is produced from all natural substances such as oranges and does not require scrubbing. It is a safe effective way to ensure you are not exposing yourself to the harmful bacteria buildup.

You will see the benefits and can ensure your lungs will have less exposure to the harmful bacteria.

I’ll quickly share with you the methods I use to clean my bong:

  • I start by separating all the moving pieces from the bong (I like to wear gloves because the smell of resin isn’t easy to wash off your hands

  • I boil some water with Orange chronic place all pieces in the water to loosen up all resin build up

  • Afterwards I rinse all pieces in lukewarm water, and left over resin I clean off using a q-tip or pipe cleaner

A Clean bong is important for obvious reasons, there are so many potential infections you can get from the bacteria that grows in the water. If not cleaned properly or daily you are inviting the possibility of bacteria into your lungs. I would like to point out that it only takes roughly 24 hours for this bacteria to build up.

Having a cleaning routine for your smoking paraphernalia is a must. Even using my little routine you will see the benefits and can ensure your lungs will have less exposure to the harmful bacteria.

So set aside some time, clean your tools and inhale a cleaner smoke!

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