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Why Hip Hop is the Most Iconic Genre of Music?

Hip hop is the most discussed genre of music in today’s world. We discuss it in political talk shows, the news, pop culture, and fashion. It has become a world phenomenon and everyone wants a piece of this industry. You have pop artist appropriating the culture and claiming to be originators of street trends. Then you have celeb icons all of a sudden wanting to throw their hat in the ring as a MC. Hip Hop has truly become the most influential genre in the industry. We have come a long way since the back alleys and hidden dance parties that started in the Bronx.

So far that when Hot 97 hosted their annual Summer Jam, it was no surprise the Met Life Stadium sold out. Everyone wants to be a part of the history and the historic radio station that brought the first ever Hip Hop fest to life. This year, Summer Jam came and went with historic stage performances and even displaying MC beef on the stadium stage. You also had new round of rookies making their mark on the stage as well.

The performances kicked off with Jidenna, Joey Badass, and more talented newcomers to the stage. What really made the night was how they brought on the legends of the era. Joey Badass brought on the iconic duo for one of their last performances, Mobb Deep. The crowd fell into a frenzy and they sung along their classic hit “Shook Ones”. The Queens natives made sure they reminded the crowd what legends of the game were. The joy of seeing them perform one of their last performances before Prodigy’s passing was a beautiful moment for a Hip Hop head. Seeing his passion come alive on that stage alongside new and hopeful legend Joey Badass was the reassurance we needed as we say goodbye to legends.

It didn’t stop there though, other legends of the 90’s and 2000’s era of New York Hip Hop graced us with their classics. Cam’ron hit us with “Oh Boy” and Juelz came out with the “Dipset Anthem”. Then DMX came out for Chris Brown’s set, and after the year he has had, we are happy he was in full dog mode when he performed.

But we can’t forget how the night was dedicated to the queens of the game. Remy Ma has been in headlines for a “beef” with rapper Nicki Minaj that started over who was the queen of rap. The Bronx native released a diss track with a similar title to the classic diss track “Ether” back when Jay Z and Nas had their beef. The diss track entitled “Shether” raised a lot of eyebrows with lines of Remy going on about Nicki sleeping with radio hosts, Lil Wayne, and more. The track also took shots at her older brother who was convicted on child molestation charges. So, it was no surprise that Remy was going to make sure she made her performance memorable.

She brought Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, Rah Digga, MC Lyte, and more to the stage to perform classic hits. Then the newcomer to the game, Cardi B, even had her shot at the stage performing her breakout single “Foreva”. It seems Remy made sure almost every queen of the game was there except one. Then she performed her diss track shutting down the entire stage and crowd bursts into chanting


Now if you weren’t a fan of the genre before, seeing the excitement and stage presence of these artists bring to the stage will convert you. It reminds that Hip Hop is more than what you see on TV as rappers roll in their escalades and chilling on yachts. It started and no one knew what it would be. Now it is this whole phenomenon and being at the part of the iconic festival shown me that this genre is here to last.



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