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TrapSoul Yoga @wordswmichelle

Not sure about you, but I’ve never attended a yoga class. It just never appealed to me.  It could be the fact that I need constant stimuli to be fully engaged in anything I do, and yoga just seemed a little too tranquil for me.

Funny enough, not too long I was scrolling through Instagram and I read about TrapSoul yoga. The name intrigued me so I kept on reading. I found out that it’s a yoga session where you mix traditional yoga with TrapSoul music.  Cool, right? Definitely something I could get into.

I was relieved that I found out what it was, but now I had to find out how I could attend. I did a bit a research, and contacted one of the fab women organizing the event to get more info.  Here are some deets:

TrapSoul yoga is an event presented by The Villij – (psst….the Villij is an online storytelling platform started by Kim Knight and Shanelle McKenzie).  The purpose of their site is to tell stories about people of colour using our own voices. They also wanted to connect with people offline, so they chose to do so by hosting events.

TrapSoul yoga is their very first event.

Both Kim and Shanelle conceived the idea of TrapSoul yoga after they shared similar experiences when they attended yoga classes. They unfortunately never had a yoga instructor who was a person of colour, and they noticed that they were one of the few women of colour participating in the class. They wanted to change that!

They decided that they wanted to create a safe space to have an event where people of colour had a chance to be vulnerable, be themselves, feel comfortable, and participate in self-care.  And more importantly, enjoy yoga!

The class is a 75-minute Hatha yoga session (a type of yoga) where Trapsoul music is played (music by Solange, Bryson Tiller and 6LACK).  The event debuted in Montreal to rave reviews, and was held in Toronto on August 20th.

I didn’t get a chance to participate this time around, but I plan on getting my self-care on the next time the event hits Toronto.

To find out more about TrapSoul yoga, please contact The Villij

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