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Time + Attention @lotusluxearts

Everyone remembers being asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” as a child. I consistently ponder the thought of what my career path should be on a day to day basis, and more often than not, that very question arises. As a 21 year old, technically I am a grown up. So where do I go from here?

Today I quit my second part-time job (and it’s still processing – mind you I worked this job all through the Christmas holidays, thus why I was able to afford my “life altering” trip to Los Angeles, back in January when I had more drive to be a model) and I’m sitting at what’s next?

Each day I wake up next to my partner in crime, with the thoughts of success in mind and where I need to be in order to achieve it. My favourite  style icons like Queen Rih (you know I had to include the dub, it’s Rihanna), @lainarauma, @lacebytanaya, Gina Rodriguez, etc. keep me inspired to continue pushing each day emotionally, spiritually and financially. Friends, coworkers and family help with the rest (special s/o to my coworkers and boss Danielle for being so sweet when I overshare every day, you make me confident.)

The answer is obvious, right? Work. We’re taught from a young age that work is inevitable till the day we retire, but what we forget is that if you love what you’re doing, you never technically work a day in your life.

As an artist, I feel it’s my duty to follow through with this philosophy. I run a small blog to keep me going (www.lotusluxearts.worpress.com), paint, continue to build my portfolio as a photographer, and plan to sell clothes for next to nothing (there’s a lot of truth to the cliché struggling artist unfortunately and my bank account certainly reinforces this), and just plan. The key to success is balance. I’ve been repeating it for weeks, so the key is to follow through.

Side note: the photograph included is a list I made the other day sitting in my room when I was jamming to some oldies and feeling inspired.

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