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College Strike Self Care @mervmcq

During a busy school year, Twenty-four Ontario Colleges have gone on strike, affecting more than 500,000 students. This strike comes just a few weeks before midterm exams and the feelings of anxiety, stress and tension are high. The number of students affected by mental illnesses are on the rise every year and this strike poses as a major stressor.

It has been a couple weeks into the strike and it is a perfect time to put self-care strategies into practice. The internet has websites with endless self care suggestions but since I am one of the 500 thousand college students affected by this strike, I will provide my five tips that have made this treacherous period manageable.

1. Eat!

It is simple but with hectic school schedules, many students end up on a mainly ramen diet. There is nothing wrong with ramen noodles every now and again, but remember to treat your mind and body well and don’t neglect your 6-8 cups of water.

2. Reach out.

Talk to someone about the emotions you may be feeling, this is a stressful time and it can be helpful to reach out to someone you trust whether that be a friend, colleague, or mental health professional.

3. Unwind

Take some time to be alone or with friends. The shift from the hectic school load to nothing at all, can be a culture shock, be kind to yourself and do enjoy this down time because like anything else, all good things must come to an end.

4. Stay in the loop

Classes will eventually begin again, be sure to check the news and your colleges’ website occasionally to stay updated on the status of the strike.

5. Study

You knew I was going to get to it, please pick up your books, stay on top of your course work, maybe get together with peers for a study date, and reach out to your professors for clarification.

Although, a major inconvenience, this strike will prove to be a minor blip in the grand scale of your life. I hope once you get past initial disappointment, you can take this time as a well-deserved break.

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