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Right Fit @JHood41

Maybe it doesn’t fit like that.
Maybe it just doesn’t go that way
Maybe you weren’t meant to go there.
Maybe you’re meant for something greater

Have you ever tried to stick a square peg in a round hole? I have. I love puzzles. I recently bought a thousand-piece puzzle and for the past two week have been working on it diligently. I love working on this puzzle because it does a few things for me. For one, it calms my mind. There is no anxiety in puzzle building. There is you, and the puzzle; and no one else to worry about. Second, it focuses my mind. We live in an age where it is celebrated to have multiple projects on the go. To be a, “Jack of all trades, master of none”. I find that when I focus my energy on one task I get the most out of it; my creative juices flow better; and I enjoy my experience all-the-more.

Puzzle-building is great for me, but I continuously find myself trying to force pieces into places they do not go. The other day I tried “fitting” (more like stuffing) a piece into an area and it didn’t work. The colours seemed to match, the shape was similar, but it just didn’t fit. I scanned the rest of the puzzle to see if it was possible that it fit somewhere else – no! I moved onto another piece and had the same difficulty. I started getting upset. I told my wife, “this puzzle is a cheater”. I went to bed feeling violated, contemplating how I would get my money back.

The next morning when I returned to my puzzle I noticed two pieces laying on top of the finished puzzle area. I must’ve missed them the day before. I tried them and they fit, then I saw other places for the pieces from the day before, they fit also. Some took a bit of rotating, while others needed me remove a piece I incorrectly placed; but whatever the case, the puzzle was looking more and more like a portrait.

I think that people are like puzzles, we all go through similar life challenges, but there is no “one size fits all solution”. Most times we have to try one strategy, then turn it, rotate it, move it around, go to sleep and come back to it to realize what really works. In my dealings with youth, I’ve come to learn that everyone learns differently. Some learn well through seeing a demonstration and reading the directions, while others like to hear someone else read the directions. Some have a photographic memory and learn well through pictures, while others by doing it themselves (trial and error).

I’ve had similar experiences when it comes to vision. A lot of the parents of the students I work with have a vision for their child that does not fit with their child’s vision for themselves. For example, a parent may desire that their daughter become a doctor, but she has no interest in and is not very good at science. Or they desire that their son do a trade when he is not motivated to work with his hands – he’d rather study. Oftentimes the outcome of these situations are poor grades, disengagement, bitterness, and resentment because one is not living up to the standards that another has forced upon them without consideration as to whether it is a good fit.

I find that when we are open to trying new ways, considering new strategies, receiving input from others, and different pieces that may fit, we have the best results. And that result is a magnificent portrait.


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