Reclaiming Thoughts @mervmcq

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Reclaiming Thoughts @mervmcq

Whether professionally or personally, there is always room for improvement. However, many times I find myself pondering question such as “Is this enough, am I doing this right?”. Although, I have achieved great strides, the negative thoughts seem to flood back far too often.

On average, a person will have between 12-60,000 thoughts per day, of these numerous thoughts about 80% are negative. If all these negative thoughts are constantly buzzing around, it’s a wonder how anyone gets anything done.

I began thinking, influential people have the same amount of thoughts, so what is separating those who are and those who are not. For example, Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC had lived a long life filled with ups and down: from being drafted to war, losing parents and failing at business ventures, before finally getting to retirement age, and discovering his gift was frying chicken.

I imagine the Colonel questioned the validity of his product or ability. I say that, to say, why not today and why not you, those 80% negative thoughts could be obstructing you from your 15.6-billion-dollar chicken company.

Of course, it probably won’t be chicken, but it very well could be. Due to these overpowering negative thoughts, we often don’t allow ourselves to grasp on to our full potentials. In the new year instead of writing a resolution, I decided to get myself a planner instead, to track appointment, assignments, tasks, and affirmations. The planner has become, in sorts, a working resolution, 365+ chances to improve.

One day, I began feeling deathly fearful of an upcoming engagement, with whirring negative thoughts making me feel as though I should tuck my tail and go running like the cowardly lion. Instead of succumbing to my negative thoughts, I jotted in my planner, “I am not afraid”, I was afraid but seeing it on paper reminded me that at one time, I convinced myself it wasn’t so bad, every time I saw that it brought back that positive thought, keeping the negativity at bay.



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