The Power of Networking @mervmcq

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The Power of Networking @mervmcq

The worst they can say is “NO”; and in some circumstances, this is not the worst option, don’t be discouraged by someone telling you that they don’t believe in you! Successful people such as, Shawn Carter, Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein, all encountered roadblocks, where others wouldn’t give them a chance. This didn’t stop them from becoming influential people.

In this dog eat dog age, many people will not support you in fear that you will become successful, and they won’t. They could be your best friend, your partner or even your mama. In the journey to achieving your goals, not everyone will be your friend or even support you. Don’t take it personally, you’re going to have to broaden your horizon, build relationships outside of your group and NETWORK!

Wazzum Supa, the creator of “The Crayon Case” said it best on her Instagram segment “Ask Supa Sunday”, where her followers posed their questions/concerns about not receiving support on their business venture. Watch below for Supa’s responses, I believe it will speak volumes,

Social media support is one of the greatest forms of currency, you can give but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will receive, don’t let that hinder your dreams.


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