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OUTSIDE THE BOX @shikhas_design

In the last decade our generation has become obsessed with media and all things to do with technology. There are new apps, tools, and inventions being developed by the minute! With these fast moving developments it is important to advance and develop design to fit all platforms. It is imperative that we push the boundaries and explore outside the box, as there are too many designers out there! It all begins with producing process work, creating more than one sample, and take your time to decide on the final design. Behind every successful design is a sketchbook
full of concepts!

Being a designer means that you have to develop new ideas that relate to the new technology.

Explore new concepts such as VR-Animation, 360 Ads, mixed media and abstract.

OUTSIDE THE BOX mentality!

Every successful design explores and caters to the three C’s of design.

The 3 C’s of Design:

1. Composition

● Placement, grouping, alignment, visual flow, division of space
within a layout

2. Components

● Photos, illustrations, icons, typography, line-work, decoration,
borders and backgrounds

3. Concept

● Theme, connotation, message, style and most important, the

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