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“Why I took control of my own health & fitness!” @ChalandaEubank

Growing up in a home with a Rastafarian Father I can say we ate well, and nutrition was my father’s main objective, however when my parents split that all changed. 

Life with dad, meals consists of greens of every kind, brown rice, vegetable soup, soy chunks, sometimes fish, and porridge every morning. Needless to say, I spent my days being very jealous of the children that brought turkey sandwiches and McDonald’s for lunch; I couldn’t wait for my chance to eat a chicken nugget! 

As time went on these foods were introduced, and I continue to eat this into adulthood. Fast food was an everyday thing, and a love of steak had me trying any good steakhouse in Toronto. Although I was always active it wasn’t until I developed sciatica issue, did I consider what I was eating and how I could incorporate fitness into my everyday life.

For three years I woke up in pain, I had a sharp pain going down my left leg into the sole of my foot, my body swollen, causing my stance to be shifted to the right side. I was depressed and afraid that this was going to be my reality forever, so here’s what I did.

I started to do my research on everything health & fitness! 

First, I needed to know what foods promoted a healthy spine. In my opinion, you have to start with the inside. These links can give helpful tips and food options:


Second, I needed to build back my core strength so I decided to get a good chiropractor while focusing on exercises that healed and strengthened the spine, here are some links that can help get you started:

Ultimately, I was lacking vitamins, magnesium, omega fatty acids and stretches. I’m happy to say I am sciatica free, and have been for the last four years. This information is beneficial for anyone who is interested in a healthy lifestyle; the spine is connected to all areas of our bodies, anyone can gain from spine health. 


My journey doesn’t end there, as a mother of five, six months being my youngest I’m back on my “get fit grind” and my diet has changed drastically. 

I have found strength in a plant-based diet, I won’t say I’m a “Vegan” although I have eliminated consuming almost all animal byproduct, I also now juice daily.

The Vegan & Juicing world can be challenging and I’ve had my ups and downs but it has been fun! 

There are many factors why I’ve chosen to ditch the “meat”, and pick up the beets. My main focus was to eliminate mucus, as well as lower my bodies’ acid levels, in the process of doing this I have more energy and I have never felt better. 

Creating vegan meals are really easy, and exciting, and my children love it as well. For help kick-starting your vegan & juicing journey try joining Facebook groups to get some ideas, also do not hesitate to ask Google to get more information on the advantages of Juicing and a plant-based diet.

I think with most things, moderation is key whether you eat meat or not, if you eat clean, stay active, you too can take control of your health!

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