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Hip Hop Pioneer Choclair @sashastoltz

Hip Hop pioneer Choclair is back, although he would tell you, he never left.  Choclair is an integral part of Canadian Hip Hop.  Singles like “Let It Ride and “Light It Up” solidified Choclair’s place at the table of Canadian Hip Hop royalty.  With four Junos, five MMVA’s, multiple gold and platinum records, he has set the benchmark high for Hip Hop success.

Choclair has toured and performed on stages across North America, including JUNOfest, TDOT FEST, Toronto International Film Festival, House of Blues, WE Day, CNE’s Beer Festival and TOM Fashion Week.  The respected performer and recording artist has released some of Canada’s most notable Hip Hop tracks, “Father Time” with Saukrates, “Hustling” with Kardinal Offishall and  “All Night Long” with Classified & Karl Wolf.

This year marks the 20-year anniversary of “Northern Touch” one of the most important songs in the history of Canadian Hip Hop.  Choclair with Kardinal Offishall, Rascalz, Checkmate & Thrust released the iconic song transforming the Hip Hop genre in

Canada from a largely ignored underground movement to a viable commercial endeavor.  Continuing in that success, Choclair keeps evolving for himself and his fans. Recently he has brought his producing expertise into the studio, working with both established and rising artists.  Added to an already busy slate, Choclair will record and produce the music for an upcoming reality television project.

Spending many hours in the studio over the years, Choclair brings patience and a seasoned understanding of the Hip Hop genre to his own and other’s projects.  What makes the recording artist an in demand producer, is his understanding and respect for the artists he works with and he always leaves ego at the door.  Choclair has the ability to guide and influence, while making sure the end result sounds and feels at all times like the artist in the studio.  Making sure their vision is clear.

A popular guest on panels at colleges and other venues across the country, Choclair speaks to all aspects of Hip Hop.  From performing, recording and writing to the actual business of handling a career.  The importance of taking care of the paperwork and the legalities can be overlooked when you are starting out. It doesn’t seem as glamorous or exciting, but it matters.  Choclair’s longevity in the business speaks to the importance of taking care of business and surrounding yourself with the right people.  An aspect every artist has gotten wrong at some point in their career.  A serious recording artist, he reminds aspiring artists to concentrate on their music not themselves.  It’s easy to get taken up with the hype and the music gets lost.   Choclair encourages young artists to involve themselves with organizations like Toronto’s CUMC and TDOT FEST that provide a platform and support for upcoming artists.

Choclair will release his new single “Lights In The City” March 2018.  The single is from his 5th and most powerful album “C. Evolution” to be released later this year.  Choclair’s song writing abilities and creative word play is clearly heard in “Lights In The City”.   One of the reasons why the artist has stood the test of time, is the fans ability to relate to his words.  They connect with them.  They feel they know the artist.  But this time they will hear something different.  An artist that knows himself and the road he walks.  “Lights In The City” is ripped from the heart.  The raw emotion of this single is personal and speaks of redemption…  Choclair’s redemption.   An honest and revealing look into the soul of the artist, standing in the light.

  “Your past is your lesson … The Present is your gift.. The Future is your motivation” – Zig Ziglar

Sasha Stoltz @sashastoltz

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