Growth Of An Artist @AdjoaAtelier

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The Growth Of An Artist @AdjoaAtelier

The foundation of an artist is finding yourself. To accept growth is to always look to the past for some healthy inspiration. We are all born with a gift. Some of us embrace it at a young age and others have to learn how to embrace it along the way; I was one of those people.  While most us can go in front of a crowded room and speak with such passion and confidence, I always chose to use that same energy through art and words. This is how my love for journalism and fashion design started. As a child, I was very shy and always put actions, thoughts and fears into writing or drawing which later evolved into a true passion and love for the arts.

Photo Credit: Farah Gharzal

Being an artist means that you have to constantly take risks and experience struggle.

Accepting the process of life will teach you that nothing is impossible and the only way to achieve anything is to become open to the universe and its offerings. The most important part is the amount of dedication and practice you put into your craft.

There’s a couple mantras that helped build my mental strength, and hopefully they’ll work for all of you!

4 Motivational Mantras

  1. I’m worthy and living with a purpose
  2. Take one day at a time
  3. I’m not going to get off *my* path
  4. I ‘ll never forget where I came from
Photo Credit: Farah Gharzal

“Don’t give up and keep the dream alive.” – Adjoa Atelier



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