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Fitness Networking @ChalandaEubank

Fitness Networking @ChalandaEubank I was recently asked by a good friend of mind after one of my many posts

MY THUNDER THIGHS… @BreannaChanelle

MY THUNDER THIGHS COME WITH A SIDE OF ROLLS @BreannaChanelle On an average day, if you were to ask

My Own Health & Fitness! @ChalandaEubank

“Why I took control of my own health & fitness!” @ChalandaEubank Growing up in a home with a Rastafarian

Lifelong Learning @raehanbobby

Lifelong Learning @raehanbobby Learning is another universal truth in that it always exists for those who seek it. I


LISTEN @JHood41 “Friends are those rare people who ask how we are, and then wait to hear the answer.”

TrapSoul Yoga @wordswmichelle

TrapSoul Yoga @wordswmichelle Not sure about you, but I’ve never attended a yoga class. It just never appealed to

Fight Before Flight @JHood41

Fight Before Flight Last week I delivered the keynote address at convocation for the University of Guelph-Humber. Recognizing that

Hello Friends @DiabetesNutri

Hello Friends! Today I’m going to share with you what “Healthy Living” means to me. There are many things

Building Confidence @TheCStephen

4 Strategies to Build Confidence Understand Your Body You are the pilot of a very sophisticated vehicle, but you

Natural Hair Event @wordswmichelle

Natural Hair Event Takes Center Stage I’ve been rocking my natural hair for well over 15 years, and I’ve

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