Merveth McHugh

Editor in Chief

“Merveth McHugh is a vivacious spirit, well beyond her years, intrigued by topics of sensuality, wellness and self care.”

Muhammad Nembhard


Muhammad Nembhard is the nature loving, tea drinker behind the Ad Space @ThePotent.Ca Lifestyle Magazine

Kyle Marshall


Kyle Marshall, studying journalism at Centennial College. Lifelong Toronto Blue Jays fan and lover of the MLB, CFL and NHL. @TheActualKJM

Petrena Miller


Every area of expertise I have explored and developed all seem to fit like puzzle pieces: Mentoring, Medicine, motherhood, marketing and sales. All skills that prepared me help people shape their live…

Metaiya Ingram


Metaiya finds her voice through photography, modelling, part-time work, and human empowerment. With the help of a personal blog, a budding public portfolio and a few close friends, she plans to start a business by changing the world one day at a time.”

Breanna Chanelle


The fascination of storytelling mixed with desperation for expression is what brought Breanna Chanelle to
poetry, and inevitably created a second home for her on the spoken word stage.

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