A 90’s Reconnaissance… @lotusluxearts

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A 90’s Reconnaissance… @lotusluxearts

A 90’s Reconnaissance of Life as an Artist

The craziest thing you can do in life is live it as if it’s your own. People will watch you. They will support you, try to put up road blocks and occasionally tear you down, but most importantly, they will secretly formulate opinions of you. Once you’ve overstepped that mental barrier of constantly being reminded of the different ways society is set up to keep your self-esteem low and insecurity levels high, is when your life starts to begin. As an artist, finding that muse to turn the switch on and off can be very sensitive in a world so deeply dipped in an acrylic shell of masquerades, distractions and revelry.

Starting out life in an era so rapidly progressing in multiple different aspects – take the Bush or the Clinton scandal (both of them, actually) as an example – can be an intellectually stimulating and exciting opportunity. Throw in some Jlo on a cassette tape that has to be popped into it’s designated slot in your parents Ford Fiesta, as you play with your Tamagotchi that you have no idea will become quickly obsolete – see The Tamagotchi is back, but does it need to be? by Megan Farokhmanesh for further argument that our old technological wonder toys are in fact well endangered and set up to be extinct, save for the few nostalgia die-hards who buy everything off of Ebay – and you have a thousandth of the sweeping trends, currents and fads we cling so dearly to in memory. 

Subconsciously we as artists tap into our nostalgia-inspired creative thoughts every day. In our speech, through our visual projects, music, fashion, and ultimately as a social media mindset – it’s there. It has become a rotating pattern within multiple artistic industries to choose a remake instead of a fresh idea, only because we feel there is more of an interest factor when familiarity is involved.

Take the Star Wars franchise for example. A multi-million-dollar idea-turned cinematic masterpiece that began way before even my time has somehow managed to creep its way back into the mainstream media and succeed in the box office. How? By playing on the one emotion human’s secret by nature: reminiscence. It’s been scientifically proven to assist the elderly in stabilizing declining mental health issues, and also a damn sure fire way to put money in an artist’s pocket.

An important query that should be asked more frequently within the art community is whether or not we are still making artistic advances, or if we are in fact fooling ourselves into believing that the copy-and paste-and-slightly-improve quality of modern day design can be deemed “original”? A solution may be that we a society may all need to step back and take a closer look at the commercialism we buy into.

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